Real Stories

Real Strip Club Stories: “The best part of Amateur Night was the girls…. Some of these girls would do anything, anywhere and sometimes with anybody…. There was this really hot blonde that I was with in the back hall…. We were making out and I was feeling her ass when just like that she pulled her tits out of her bra!… What else could I do except have a little lick!”

Real Strip Club Stories: “I was standing in the entrance of the stage, right in front of the dressing room door when I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn around and there’s one of the dancers standing there butt naked asking me to get the DJ…. You have to realize that I’d seen these dancers naked on stage dozens of times but seeing her standing there off stage in nothing but her own skin really threw me for a loop. The image sticks to this day.”

Real Strip Club Stories: “There’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a stripper when she’s drunk. You think there wild on stage!… We were having one of our signature parties when one of the dancers asked for a drink…. I knew she was under age but the tables were covered to the floor so I said what the hell…. I told her to crawl under the table and handed her the bottle.”

Real Strip Club Stories: “A lot of professional strippers would do Amateur Night because the prize money was so good.. There was this girl Stella who did Am Night a couple of times…. One night she was wearing this school girl outfit. One thing led to another and before I knew we were out back. I was leaning against my friends Jeep and she was blowing me under the moonlight. It was February and freeeeeezing but fuck it. I told my friend with the Jeep what happened and he laughed and said, “Why didn’t you go in my Jeep, the door’s always open!”

Real Strip Club Stories: “Whenever the girls would come off stage I would always make it a point to get some naked shots of them backstage…. This one girl, Kirsten, was smoking hot, and the winner!… And she was all hot and sweaty when she got off stage and when I was shooting her in the hallway I could smell the sweat off her pussy…. That had to be the finest smell in the world.”

Real Strip Club Stories: “Despite “Sinner” being her stage name she was actually a real nice girl. One night after the crowds died down I was chillin’ in our party room and Sinner comes out from the dressing room with this wicked little smile on her face.. I took one look at her and I could tell she was lit.. She starts giving me my own private lap dance and before you know it she’s naked say for her stilettos.. I became acquainted with every square inch of her anatomy and had I been sure that nobody would burst in on us, I would’ve fucked her right there in party room!”