About: Strip Club Night (Drizzle Drizzle)

Amateur Night: Strip Club

Strip Club Night (formerly Amateur Night) is the first uncensored strip club documentary ever. It was 2 1/2 years in the making and the only documentary of its kind ever to be released to the public.

Go with us into a world never before recorded on camera. Witness all of the hot and sexy action of the wildest and most erotic dancers baring it all and having lots of fun doing it!

These are everyday girls you see at the the supermarket, the shopping mall and the bars. Now they’re taking it all off and showing themselves in all of their raw and naked glory!

PLUS. Go backstage and catch the insanely outrageous private parties and all of the wild & craziness that goes on.

Strip Club Night is one-of-kind entertainment and is a part of the “A Clique For Men” entertainment group. There’s never been anything like it offered before and there will probably never be anything like it offered again.

Xperience it raw, uncut and uncensored at: ACliqueForMen.com.